Drinking Too Much Coffee? Try These 4 Alternatives

Drinking Too Much Coffee? Try These 4 Alternatives

We know that most crossfit and yoga enthusiasts know that their fitness is not just about body movement, but also about what goes into their bodies – food and drink.

One beverage that often comes up for discussion with those concerned about caffeine intake, is coffee. It is a mainstay of most workplaces, whether a white-collar accountancy practice or a workshop in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. But, as with anything, too much coffee can be a bad thing.

Side effects of excess consumption can include jitteriness, energy spikes and falls, indigestion and a general inability to function when the office supply of coffee runs out.

So while we’re not suggesting putting the office coffee machine on the kerb next time there is a hard rubbish collection, here are some alternatives to keep your brain firing when that mid-afternoon lull hits.

Kombucha Tea

It might have a funny name, but Kombucha tea has been gaining some serious traction in North America in recent years. Kombucha is a little like a cross between traditional tea and beer. Before you get too excited, the process refers to fermenting tea in a large vat or in the bottle along with sugar and an optional natural flavouring.

While it can be a little bitter, being brewed with berry extract, cherry or even lemongrass and ginger gives the tea pleasant taste. Fans of the tea claim that greater recall, lower blood pressure and better intestinal health are all beneficial effects.


Probiotics come in many forms, with perhaps the best known the mouthful-sized serving made popular by Yakult over the last few decades. But there are many other options available on the market from health food stores and supermarkets alike.

Probiotics are aids to healthy digestion and can help cancel out the effects of a few days of poor diet. After a course of antibiotics, probiotics can also help restore balance in the body.


Probably an obvious alternative to coffee, tea is one of the most versatile drinks in the world. Green tea, white tea, oolong, and other brews are just as welcome as a more traditional black tea, but many people never try the different, or herbal, varieties.

Getting a variety box of different teas can help you branch out and figure out what exactly you like, chances are you’ll be surprised by the flavours available out there – from rosehip to licorice – and the health benefits that come with them.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is a much more common sight in Europe, but Australian restaurants and supermarkets are increasingly making space for it. Apart from mimicking the “mouthfeel” of carbonated drinks without the tablespoons of sugar, sparkling drinks can help you hit the target of two litres of water a day.

For keen runners, there is a school of thought that sparking water and soda water can help prevent cramp and muscle tightness after a long run.

No one would suggest that giving up coffee cold turkey is a great idea (some people get a nasty headache when they do), but breaking up your regular caffeine fix with one of these other drinks can help avoid the negatives of too much coffee, while also delivering some great health benefits.

Being comfortable about what you eat and drink is just as important as being comfortable in what you are wearing for your yoga, crossfit, or other exercise regime. At Stomp, we have you covered there, and our latest range is available right now at http://stompapparel.com.au/collections/browse.

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