What is Sports Luxe?

What is Sports Luxe?

Fashion trends have a life of their own, buts it’s not often that sports and fashion team up to spark a worldwide trend. In the past, individual items from sport have found their way into casual fashion in a number of ways (think hoodies and fashion tights).

But “sports luxe” is a fashion trend in its own right, rather than just one or two items jumping from the “functional” to the “fashionable” category. And you know when something is on trend when parody videos emerge on YouTube like this ‘Active Wear’ one. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYRENWT8lz8]

What Is It?

Sports luxe or sporty luxe is a mix of practical and stylish. It involves taking an item with a pure functional or athletic purpose, and adding a fashionable twist. The end result is a piece of apparel or accessory that is still useful as workout wear, but can also be worn to the shops or for a coffee afterwards.

The idea has been around for years, but the Great Britain Olympic team were perhaps the highest profile example of this trend with their uniforms at the London 2012 Summer Games.

What Items Does it Apply to?

Sports luxe is available in all sorts of fashion items from baseball style jackets, hooded jumpers, rugby style polos, to leggings and university style jackets. In terms of accessories, caps, watches, scarves and beanies are all adaptable to the sports luxe trend.

Of course, in footwear, iconic brands have been making fashion shoes taking cues from athletic footwear and sports stars for decades, beginning with the global Air Jordan fanaticism in the 1990s.

What’s Driving It?

The increased trend towards comfortable clothing for everyday wear and weekend wear is a huge driver towards the sports luxe trend. In climates like Geelong and Victoria, this style of clothing allows wearers to easily add or remove layers depending on their activity and the season, without having to think about too many possible clothing combinations.

It is also growing in popularity because of the easy fit characteristics of most sporty luxe styles, which means that a range of body shapes and sizes are adaptable to the trend.

What to Avoid

It would be easy to think that sports luxe means throwing on an old hoodie and faded pair of trackpants and saying you are “on trend”. But like with any fashion trend, it takes a bit more than that to pull of the look properly.

Have a browse through our Stomp Fitness Clothing collection and take note of our amazing guy and girl models to see clothes that are functional in the gym and fashionable on the street to see how you can get into the trend that is sure to be at the centre of summer 2015 – 2016.

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