The Ultimate Guide to the Language of Crossfit – Part 2

The Ultimate Guide to the Language of Crossfit – Part 2

CrossFit has a language all of its own, and in Part 1 of our guide about the fastest growing fitness trend in the world we tried to demystify some of the phrases, abbreviations and names associated with the sport.

But in Part 2 of the guide, we will look much more at the names that are associated with the workouts and equipment that you will encounter when you take up the sport. And it might be better to pay attention now, workout names and exercise movements are much harder to remember in the middle of a tough session!

  • WOD – WOD is short form for the “workout of the day” that CrossFit enthusiasts do. CrossFit headquarters in the United States sends the WOD out via the global website. The community aspect is part of the appeal, with many gyms uploading videos of their members completing their WOD to the website.
  • The Hero WOD is a body-breaking challenge modelled after the lifesaving professions of military duty, police officers or firefighters.
  • CrossFit Total – this is the process by which CrossFit athletes take three attempts to find their workout maximums for three exercises: the standing press, the deadlift and the back squat.
  • MetCon – no, not a name for a convention for CrossFitters, MetCon is short for metabolic conditioning. MetCons are exercises that are meant to improve CrossFit athletes’ ability to complete WODs at higher weights, or in better times.
  • Fran – it might sound like your primary school teacher, but Fran is actually the name of one of the most enduring CrossFit workouts. The workout is timed, and is performed by CrossFitters of all skill levels regularly.
  • Murph – another brutal workout with a fairly friendly sounding name. 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 body weight squats. Oh, and did we mention, you have a 1.5 kilometre run at the start and end as well.
  • GHD – GHD is short for the glute and hamstring developer that sits in every CrossFit box. It’s used for a variety of CrossFit exercises, so get used to seeing it.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything to do with CrossFit, but with part 1 and 2 of this guide, you are well equipped to walk into a gym and not be a complete novice.

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