The Ultimate Guide to the Language of Crossfit – Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to the Language of Crossfit – Part 1

Different countries, workplaces and even hobbies develop languages of their own that can be hard for newcomers or outsiders to pick up. Tourists to Australia are often perplexed by the friendly greeting “How are you going?” while people outside South Australia are less likely to `use the phrase “heaps good” in everyday conversation.

But when it comes to a language that makes you wonder if the people speaking it are conversing in English, Crossfit takes the cake.

So that’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the language and lingo of Crossfit to help you.

  • Box – the fundamental Crossfit gym, usually a warehouse-like space with fairly spartan equipment and surroundings. Don’t expect fancy bells and whistles, boxes are typically no-nonsense and dedicated workout spaces.
  • AMRAP – this is an army-style acronym that stands for As Many Reps as Possible. That means that you are required to smash out as many repetitions or rounds as you can in a given time period. These time periods can be as short as five minutes or as long as thirty, depending on the brutality of the workout.
  • For Time – this phrase is an indicator that your trainer or other Crossfitters want you to put in a 100% effort so that the particular exercise can be timed so you can compare your effort and achievement against others.
  • Affiliate – basically a stamp of approval for a box that has been certified by Crossfit head office. To be an official affiliate box, a gym must have certified trainers available and meet other quality control standards.
  • Crossfit Games – the Crossfit Olympics for the fastest, strongest and toughest athletes of the sport.
  • Crossfit Journal – a little like ‘the Gospel according to Crossfit’, the Journal is an internal document that contains all the information a novice would need to get across the sport. It has illustrated workouts, news, stories and new gyms. It is regularly updated online and is an invaluable resource for those who are serious about Crossfit.
  • Glassman – Greg Glassman is the former gymnast and workout warrior that is credited as being the founder of Crossfit. His workouts were originally meant to give his clients the best possible base of fitness across a range of functional movements.
  • Firebreather – a term for the toughest athletes who are able to endure and complete the hardest workouts that Crossfit devices to test them.
  • Pukie the Clown and Uncle Rhabdo – these are the unofficial mascots of Crossfit that symbolize the physical reactions (vomiting and rhabdomyolysis of the muscles) that Crossfit can induce.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article when we go through the movements and exercises that make up a Crossfit workout.

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