Would You Drink Charcoal? The Latest Health Trend Coming to Australia

Would You Drink Charcoal? The Latest Health Trend Coming to Australia

Due to our geographic isolation, it’s fair to say that some things take a little longer to come to Australia that others. And when it comes to sweeping new health fads, this theory holds true.

Goji berries, Acai bowls, and coconut water were all available on health food store shelves across North America and parts of Europe well before they entered the mainstream health consciousness down under.

While this may have some disadvantages, it also gives us the chance to preview the trends that are coming our way, and the latest one has given the team at Stomp Apparel some food for thought.

Fruit juice, Coconut Water… Charcoal?

If we said that you would pay around $10 for a cold pressed drink, you would likely think that we were offering you a 100% organic fruit juice, with perhaps some expensive superfood supplement thrown in for good measure.

But what we might actually be offering is a cold-pressed blend of juice and water, with two tablespoons of charcoal mixed in. The charcoal that finds its way into drinks like this is called “activated charcoal” and comes from the by-products of super-heated coconut shells, wood, or even coal.

In fact, activated charcoal is already in use in emergency departments worldwide as a way to stop patients from absorbing poisons if they have already ingested them. A high dose of charcoal essentially induces vomiting, while at the same time prevents the toxins from entering the bloodstream.

The Health Benefits

More recently, however, some health food types have been spruiking the other less-gruesome, more wholesome, benefits of charcoal. These include wonderful things like glowing skin, whiter teeth, healthier gums, better digestion, as well as relief from hangovers.

Improved organ function and toxin removal have also been touted as benefits for those who are game to try the new generation of charcoal drinks.

Is it Proven?

In addition to hospital emergency rooms, activated charcoal has been common for generations in certain cultures as a food additive or digestive supplement. As a chemical compound, it is largely neutral, meaning that it is not likely to cause serious harm.

But there is less research available about the long-term effects of the additive over an extended period of time.

One known side effect is that other nutrients will bind to charcoal. This is what helps “flush out” nasty toxins and fuels the claims of wellbeing. But it is also worth remembering that those nutrients will also include beneficial vitamins and minerals from food. That means that charcoal consumed by a person with a good balance of nutrients in their body will be more likely to return a negative side effect, by removing those benefits.

Here at Stomp Apparel, we can’t offer any opinion on whether charcoal is good for you or not (although we may try it when it turns up here). What we can help with is practical, functional and affordable active wear that will also look great after your workout when you want to go for that smoothie or a coffee.

We invite you to browse through our latest collection and find the look that suits you!


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