Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep

Benefits of A Good Night’s Sleep

This is my third blog in this series and I hope some of you keen runners out there have had a chance to have a look at my previous 2, ‘Fundamentals of Running’ and ‘Clueless on What To Eat Before a Run’ because if we can follow these principles together with this one, which I will talk about rest and recovery, we give ourselves the best possible chance of improving.

Let’s face it, have you ever heard of a runner who doesn’t like running PB’s!  To get the most out of our bodies we need to look after them, we should be getting 8-9 hours sleep a night and that becomes doubly important as we start to train for whatever sport we choose.

When I was training for a marathon I was running 7 days a week, 3 of those days were intense sessions however I made sure I had an easy running day in between these sessions so my body could recover for the next intense workout.  For best results from our training, we can use this simple formula which basically says it all Training = Workout + Rest.

In writing these blogs I hope I have provided some interesting reading! And if anyone would like some help to run some fun runs or get a little more serious about their running I am happy to help you get that PB. I am doing the training programs for the River Run in February also.

- Darren Riviere -

Lv2 Athletics Coach

Mobile: 0422667087

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