Clueless On What To Eat Before A Run?

Clueless On What To Eat Before A Run?

Now that we are sorted with good relaxed actions for our running performances, next we can work on our diet and I believe eating a healthy diet can play a big part in our running performances no matter what level we are at. As an example if we are training for a half marathon lots of carbohydrates the week before the race would be a good idea , just as plenty of protein rich foods would help in our recovery after the race.

We should have plenty of fruit and vegetables and grainy foods. I consider McDonalds, KFC etc. as occasional foods only. Our fluid intake should remain high and perhaps the best of all is water. I often tell my athletes for a car to drive the most efficiently it must have the right fuel. We are no different, for us to perform at our best we should have the right fuel too! And our fuel is of course the food we eat.

If we get those fundamentals right, have a balanced diet and our needed rest and recovery, which I will talk about in my next blog, we give ourselves the most possible chance of improving our running performances.

Clueless On What To Eat Before A Run?


Darren Riviere  - Athletic Coach                




The right fuel is absolutely crucial to our running performance. Poor nutrition can be seriously detrimental to our efforts!

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