Ways to Beat Your “I’ll Exercise Later” Reflex

Ways to Beat Your “I’ll Exercise Later” Reflex

We don’t have the exact figures to back this up, but at Stomp Apparel, we suspect that many of us are the kind of people who want to exercise more, but sometimes give in to the impulse that says “stay in bed” in the morning or “make a cup of coffee instead” in the evening.

But if you want to exercise, you’ve already won the toughest battle. These handy life hacks and tricks can help you get around that voice in your head that sometimes keeps you in bed or on the couch, so that you can get out there and get fitter, faster and stronger.


There is a strong correlation between enjoyment and achievement. That’s the reason that we look for careers that we enjoy, rather than just ones that pay the bills.

It’s the same with exercise. If you detest running, don’t have a workout plan that’s heavy on the treadmill. Ask a personal trainer for ways to get the same health results while limiting the exercise you don’t enjoy – you’ll be surprised how much less you’ll try and avoid workouts.


Planning is more than just having the thought. Proper planning that changes your behaviour means writing down your goal and planning your other activities around it. Studies also show that making a public commitment increases chances of sticking to a goal. For example, you could put a post it on the fridge saying you will go to the gym three times in a week, so that other house members can see it.

The feeling of having others watching or holding you accountable has big impacts on commitment to goals.

Work it in

It is always funny to watch people who are clearly going to the gym, or have just been, who choose to try and get the “good park” at the shops closest to the door. Working in the extra little bits of movement and activity into your day is sometimes called passive exercise, and is incredibly effective. Think of it this way, a few drops of water from a tap won’t quench your thirst, but if you leave a glass under it, it will fill up pretty quickly.

In the same way, your ongoing commitment to moving adds up. Taking the stairs rather than the escalator and walking the long way around occasionally are just two ways to achieve this. Once you start looking for them, you’ll be surprised how many ways to can add to your “movement total” for the day. And if you are the kind of person who thrives on knowing exactly what you do, then invest in a fitness tracker as well.

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