The Superfoods to Drive Your Fitness Goals

The Superfoods to Drive Your Fitness Goals

It’s an old saying, but an accurate one, that you cannot outrun a bad diet. And the same thing is true if you expand on that adage to say you can’t meet your fitness goals if you eat more fried chicken than fresh fruit.

But these days, it seems like we have more information about food than ever, and that barely a week goes by without a new “superfood” being featured on the news or in magazines.

So we’ve put together a quick, simple, no-nonsense reference guide for some of these superfoods, and what they actually do for you.


Most of us don’t need an excuse to grab some blueberries, with the great taste and versatility making them a family favourite. But these tiny parcels of goodness also contain an active component called ellagic acid.

This acid has been shown to slow the growth of some cancers, as well as have general anti-inflammatory properties. You can work them into your diet by making smoothies, adding them to cereals, or mixing them with grapes as a snack.

Goji Berries

They may have a funny name, but goji berries have been identified as some of the most seriously nutritious foods available. Per every 100 grams, these amazing berries contain more iron than steak. But it doesn’t end there, because they also pack more vitamin C than oranges as well as complex proteins.

They’ve been popular in Asia for centuries for their medicinal properties in improving everything from eyesight to liver function.


Probably the most recent superfood trend, kale is a cousin of other leafy greens like brussell sprouts and broccoli. Vegans and vegetarians also favour it as a source of protein, while those on diets find that consuming kale helps them feel full with less food. It’s another great source of vitamin C as well.


They might not have the “cool” factor yet, but we can see lentils becoming very hip in the near future. With high protein, vitamin levels that rival most supplements and cholesterol lowering benefits with a taste that can be varied to suit individual tastes, it seems like only a matter of time before we’re hearing about how amazing lentils are.


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