Fundamentals of Running

Fundamentals of Running

I believe as we start running we need to get the fundamentals of our running action right then we can build on that.

When I say fundamentals, I mean we want the whole body working as efficiently as possible to move us forward, no energy wasted on tensing up our shoulders or swinging our arms across the midline of the body.

When we run we should have a relaxed action and not have a heavy foot strike.

Grasping these fundamentals and having a good technique in running is a great base for improvement, as we improve we enjoy our running more.

Good technique along with good diet and rest and recovery practices are 3 key areas that can really make a difference to our running performances whether we just want to do a few fun runs or we want to get a little more serious!

I will talk more about diet and rest and recovery in future blogs.

Darren Riviere - Athletic Coach

A level 2 coach who had spent the past 27 years completing marathons and being active with athletics, and he has developed a strong passion in this field. He’s hoping to expand his expertise in a professional capacity where he can pass on his skills and knowledge to the next generation.  

In 1996, Darren won a mile race at the Stawell Gift meeting where he also won several other races with the Victorian Athletics League.

He represented Geelong three times in Senshu Marathon in Japan with the best time of 2.29 minutes.

Also, Darren achieved Geelong Cross Country Club Male Champion on several occasions. He is currently Australian Masters Half Marathon Champion in the 45 – 49 age group.

In 2012, Darren started coaching his daughters Little Athletics Club and also currently coaching at Geelong Little Athletics for the Winter Cross Country season.

He is currently involved in the Active Youth Development Program and coaching at St. Ignatius College.

Darren can be contacted at for inquiries.


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