Safety Factors in Exercising

Safety Factors in Exercising

There are many different kinds of safety factors that should be adhered to when you are exercising. For instance, it is essential to warm up beforehand and warm down afterwards to prevent muscle and tendon strain and injury. It is also wise to start your exercise regime at the low end of the scale and build up gradually over some weeks, so you don’t strain muscles that are weak.

However, there are less obvious considerations that are often forgotten when you go off to your exercise class.

Here are a reminders to keep you safe and comfortable:


How old are your joggers, running shoes or whatever footwear you don for exercising? Do not continue to wear old, worn-out joggers as this will play havoc not only with your feet, but with your knees and back as well. Shoes wear out just like clothing and then they will not support your feet – or your body.


Rings can easily get snagged on laces, handles, or other things, with an injured finger the result. Other jewellery items as well should be stored in your purse or gym bag – or better still, left at home. Ear studs are the only adornment that is relatively safe.

Headphones or Ear Buds

While many people enjoy their favourite music to get them in the zone for exercising, if you are running in a public place listening to music can prevent you from hearing foot or car traffic. You need to be aware of these for your own safety and that of those around you.

Baggy clothing

Baggy clothing is not ideal for most types of exercise. It can tangle, fall up or down when it shouldn’t, and prevent a trainer from seeing if your body is doing exercise the correct way. Fitted or semi-fitted clothes that stretch with your body are best. Our ¾ leggings, compression pants or fitted shorts are ideal for exercising safely.

Clothing made from the wrong material

The right material is just as important as the right size and style. Cotton on its own is not good for hard exercising as it will become soaked with perspiration. If you are outside, this can make you very cold, and regardless of whether you are inside or out, it will drag and chafe as well.

Our sports clothing lines take fit and stretch into consideration. If you are serious about exercising, it is essential to get it all right, not just half of it. When you take care of these often overlooked details you will find that you can exercise a great deal more comfortably and safely.

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