Sweet Potato Noodles With Prawns

Sweet Potato Noodles With Prawns

Sweet potato noodles are made from the starch of sweet potatoes. They are a good low carb substitute for wheat and rice flour noodles and can be used in stir fries and soup dishes.

Gluten free and paleo friendly, give this recipe a go!

Happy eating with STOMPAPPAREL ☺


12 prawns

1 clove of garlic

1 sliced onion

½ cup celery sliced

½ cup carrot sliced

½ cup beans  

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

½ cup spring onions chopped into 5cm length

2 eggs whisked

Sweet potato noodle – cooked per packet directions

1 red chilli  (for serving - optional)

Wedge of lemon/lime (for serving – optional)

1 teaspoon of fried shallots (for serving – optional)

1 tablespoon of oyster sauce & splash of soy sauce

Can substitute any protein or vegetables to this dish.


  1. Add egg to wok with a teaspoon of coconut oil and fry until soft. Put aside.
  2. Repeat above for prawns and put aside
  3. Add garlic and onion until brown
  4. Add celery, carrots and beans until just tender
  5. Add sweet potato noodle and mix with oyster and soy sauce


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