Why Yoga Accessories are Necessary

Why Yoga Accessories are Necessary

While the beginner at Yoga may find that some yoga accessories are not essential, once you get past that stage you will find that certain items will not only make those exercises much easier, but safer too. When you don’t have to worry about where your essentials are or whether you are going to slip out of your yoga pose you will be able to concentrate on doing it with a much better focus.

Deal with Your Hair

The simplest accessory that even yoga beginners will find helpful is a headband to keep hair and perspiration off your face and out of your eyes. If you have long hair, a hair tie will deal that – but not the perspiration that drips down your face.

Caps are also great, especially if you are doing exercises outside, as they help shield your eyes from the sun – and shade over the face helps to keep you cool.

Why Use Gloves?

Yoga gloves are not meant to keep you warm while you sit in some complicated pose. In fact, since many yoga positions call for hands to be placed on the yoga mat, gloves provide extra grip so that if your hands are moist they won’t slip out of position.

The gloves are fingerless and the palm is made with extra grip to help support you.

Do I Really Need Socks?

Socks prevent your shoes from chafing and also keep you warm. But Yoga socks are toeless and heel-less, with a sole that grips the mat, giving you more support. They are not that expensive and are ideal for high-intensity yoga exercises.

The Mat

Naturally enough, the yoga mat is an important part of doing yoga as it helps to prevent bruising and makes you more comfortable. Some people prefer thicker ones to give even more comfort. If you already have your own mat, you might want to consider a mat bag to conveniently carry and store it.


A towel can be used not just to wipe off perspiration, but to place over a hired mat if you don’t like the idea of using it after someone else.

Where to Keep Your Stuff

Whether you go to yoga, hit the gym for crossfit training or go running, you don’t want to lug a bag around with you. Not all clothing has pockets – and not all pockets are zippered, meaning what is in them can come out, especially if you are upside down.

The next best thing is the waist bag. It has zippered compartments to fit your keys, cards and wallet in. Having it on your waist means you don’t have to worry about losing your essential stuff.

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