Tips to Ensure Your Yoga Workout is Comfortable

Tips to Ensure Your Yoga Workout is Comfortable

If you practice yoga to keep fit, you’ll know that it is important to feel comfortable. If you don’t, it can impact on your enjoyment and may eventually cause you to skip classes or give up altogether. In addition, when you are uncomfortable it interferes with your concentration, and this is essential to get the best out of yoga and many other kinds of exercise.

Comfortable Clothing is Essential

One of the best ways to ensure your workout is comfortable is to wear the appropriate clothing. You may be able to get away with basic clothing if you only do light yoga, but once you start on those more difficult poses the right clothing is essential.

However, even when doing relaxed poses you need to wear comfortable clothing. Any pose that keeps you on your stomach will be uncomfortable if you have a bulge in the middle. Many yoga pants have string ties as well as elastic, so before you start, undo the tie and tuck the loose ends into the waistband. Many women find Capri style pants ideal for yoga as they offer freedom of movement and don’t get too hot. Our women’s ¾ Stompflex leggings are ideal – or the Yoga Stompflex shorts with extended leg.

Good bust support is needed, especially for women with a larger cup size. Sometimes it can be more comfortable to wear a sports bra, or a top that incorporates support; that way bra shoulder straps will not fall down over your shoulders or dig into the flesh.

Yoga Mats also Help Keep You Comfortable

Overall, clothing that hugs your body gently – not tightly – and stretches slightly with your body movements is ideal. However, the right clothing is not the only thing that will keep you comfortable. Yoga mats come in various thicknesses and they not only keep you comfortable, but provide good traction – essential in many yoga positions. Without the right traction you can easily slide out of the pose you are trying for.

While many gyms provide mats, taking your own will enable you to get one that is right for you and it is more hygienic as well. If you don’t have your own, taking a thick yoga towel – one with rubber nodules on one side to prevent slipping – to lay over the mat is a good idea.

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