Why You Should Stay Warm After Your Workout

Why You Should Stay Warm After Your Workout

One thing that can be counted on when you workout or exercise is getting warmer. The whole idea is to increase your heart rate and tone the muscles and this is going to make you get hotter and perspire – perspiration is the body’s natural way of keeping cool. However after your workout, it is important to stay warm for several reasons.

Prevent Illness

Imagine you did a high intensity workout that made you feel really hot and then you simply finished up and stepped out of the gym to go home, or even simply stopped and sat around for a while. Suddenly your body is a lot hotter than the surrounding atmosphere, which may be quite cool. This can leave you susceptible to catching a cold or picking up viruses. (Adding a jacket from our hoodie range will help to keep you warm post-workout!)

Prevent Injury

Even if you don’t catch cold, your muscles can become cold too quickly and become injured. For a start, the blood tends to pool in your legs when you stop brisk exercise and may cool down too quickly. Adding a pair of track pants will ensure that warmth is kept while your breathing and heart rate goes back to normal. The lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles during exercise can be more easily dispersed when you stay warm afterwards.

Warm Down Slowly

It is for these reasons that cooling down exercises are done after intense exercise – some people call them ‘warming down’ exercises. They help you in several ways.

  • Your heart rate returns to normal resting rate more gradually.
  • Dizziness from blood pooling in the legs is avoided.
  • Metabolites are removed more easily.
  • Muscles are kept prepared for the next exercise set.

The latter is also true when you wear clothing that keeps you warm after exercising. If you are going to another form of exercise but have to wait a while to recover or for your turn, keeping those muscles warm is essential to avoid injury and ensure you can do your best on the next exercise regime.

If you allow your body to cool down too quickly, muscle strains and sprains may result when you go to the next lot of exercises.

Use the Right Clothing

You will often see athletes don a warm garment after their match is over, especially if they have been competing outside in the cold. This is why – they know that it is essential to prevent injury.

The Stomp Fitness Apparel range of track pants and hoodies will help to prevent muscle spasms and injury during and after your exercise regime. Our hoodies with zips are easy to put on and take off and our light rain jackets are ideal for running or jogging as they also have a ventilation panel in the back. Dressing in layers is a good idea to keep your body at the right temperature.

View our range of post-workout hoodies here.


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