How To Pick The Perfect Sports Bra

How to Pick the Perfect Sports Bra

One of the most important things to aim for when purchasing clothes to wear during exercise, is comfort – for women this is especially when it comes to a bra. It is true to say that just one bra may not be the ultimate choice. Much depends on your exercise regime – and your cup size.

There are several functions that the perfect sports bra must perform:

  • Fit comfortably
  • Not chafe of rub
  • Provide support
  • Allow perspiration to escape

The trouble is, a bra that does all this when you are taking a brisk walk may not perform the same way if you are cycling, holding a position that is almost upside down, or even jogging. Anything that increases up and down movement will require a stronger sports bra with more support.

When you exercise, the movement may not just be up and down, it can be side to side and diagonal movement as well. So it is important to choose not only for the type of exercise you are going to do, but for your size. The larger the cup size, the more weight there is to support. You will therefore require a stronger sports bra or one that is designed to hold you more firmly.

What the bra is made of is also important, because, as we all know, some materials wick away perspiration while others hold it against your body. This is especially true of the sports bra, which must be closely fitted to give the support you need. So in choosing the perfect bra, think in terms of stretch materials such as lycra or spandex that are comfortable and which will wick away that perspiration.

Larger Cup Sizes

Women with larger cup sizes also need to examine the shoulder straps of their exercise bras. A wide strap will distribute the weight over a wider area of your shoulder rather than digging into the flesh. If your shoulders are red or have a dent in the skin when you remove your bra it is because the straps are too narrow.

Another point about straps is how they fit. If they constantly fall off your shoulder, the support that they are meant to give is just not there. Some women have horizontal shoulders, while others have sloping shoulders that even their shoulder bag strap slides off. These women need to pay particular attention to their sports bra (and their everyday bras) if they are to have the support they need.

Crop tops are well-known for their comfortable fit, and are favoured by many sportswomen. Our plain crop top is ideal for those whose bra straps keep falling down. The back design helps to ensure that its straps remain in place because it holds them together higher up the back than an everyday bra.

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