Why The Right Gym Clothes Are Important

Why the Right Gym Clothes are Important

Some people think it’s okay to wear anything that’s comfortable when they head to a gym. However, wearing unsuitable clothing is probably not the right way to get the best out of your exercise time or to feel the best while doing your exercises.

While personal preference will play a part in your decision, you also need to consider other aspects such as the type and intensity of exercise you do and whether you perspire much.

Jeans vs. Leggings

While your usual casual attire may be tight jeans that feel and look good, most of us know that they are not the best thing to do exercise in because they are too restrictive. Even though some are made to stretch, they do not stretch as well as say, our ¾ leggings, or even our compression pants in ¾ or full length. Denim and most cottons are not smooth, so garments made of these fabrics can cause chafing where they rub against your skin.

Our leggings are light, smooth and elastic so they move with your body and don’t cause chafing, making your whole workout much more comfortable. If you perspire a lot, the moisture is wicked away so it does not stay wet and cold against your skin.

Loose and moving clothes can be dangerous as they not only take your mind off what you are doing, but can prevent you from making the right movements needed to keep you balanced properly.

Choosing the Right Tops

The right tops are important for other reasons. Many cool tops have gaping necklines that will reveal all – or most – in certain positions. You have to make sure you are comfortable with this. However, such tops can also fall over your head or shoulders if you are upside down, causing sudden restrictions to arm movements or to your sight. This too, can be quite dangerous.

Some tops with spaghetti straps may seem cool, but if they are not stretchy, the straps can easily fall over your shoulders and this too, causes sudden restriction when you need freedom of movement.

It is far better to choose something that clings, yet is light and elastic enough to move with your body while still staying in place where you want it. Our plain crop tops or slim fit T-shirts are more suitable for exercising in and tend to stay in place better.

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