Get ready for Run Melbourne 10k

Run Melb10km PROGRAM
Things you must do in a week.
Do two runs during the week, one of them short and fast for about 20mins and the other at your expected race speed for around 20mins.
Bigger runs building distance towards 10km on weekends.
*Increase over the next few weeks so you know your ready for the 10km.
*Try to increase your speed as your doing the smaller runs 4km+.
*On other days run 4km and record time.
*Must run 4-5 times a week (aim for 5).
 Recovery is the key to you feeling GREAT.
*you must walk in the water straight after your bigger run on the weekends if tight.
*you also need to stretch more than you ever have before.
*make sure you have the right shoes for your feet.
*also if you feel tight you need to get a massage.
*eating the right foods for energy is also very important.
What to do!
 June 14th: 6km
June 21nd: 5km
June 28th: 7km
July 5th: 5km
July 12th: 9km
         July 19th: 8km           
July 26th : The big day. 10km: Go for it!!!! :).
 If you have any further questions please just ask.
Keep up the good work, train hard and good luck. Brent.


This program is provided by Brent Durran. One of Australia leading personal trainers.

Check out Brent’s website

or Facebook @Healthier Life Group and Personal Training



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