How Compression Garments Work

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Casual wear and sporting wear styles have changed greatly over the years. New materials become available and more research is put into fabrics and their effect on the human body in times of hard effort – such as athletic competition and workouts.

The athlete’s wardrobe now include compression garments, but just what do they do?

Whether it is compression leggings or a compression top, compression garments have several advantages for the athlete.

  • They facilitate warm-ups so that your muscles become warmer more quickly, and so can work optimally without any strains. This helps the athlete do more as they know the extra effort will not cause them pain, and their body will respond to the effort they require of it.
  • Another aid for the athlete that compression garments provide is a reduced and better recovery time after hard exercise. Most people who exercise hard know that the lactic acid build-up in their muscles causes pain and it takes some time for the body to remove it naturally. Massage helps, but not everyone has access to it or the time to spend.
  • Compression garments enhance lactic acid removal, thus reducing pain and the time of recovery after a hard work-out or sports that require sudden, explosive movements.
  • They also help to reduce the amount of muscle oscillation on ground contact.
  • Studies have shown that they cause an increase in torque at the hips, thus helping the athlete who does vertical or repetitive jumps.
  • Compression clothing also helps to prevent the muscle soreness and swelling that develops a day or more after exhaustive exercise – known as delayed onset soreness – so long as they are worn for 2-3 days afterwards.

Where the Technology Originated

The technology for compression sportswear has come from the medical field. Compression stockings have been used for many years to prevent blood pooling in the feet, and to reduce swelling caused by fluids after an operation when mobility is lacking. The idea is to have the most pressure in the feet and ankles and less going up the leg.

Medical experts have known about the benefits of compression stockings for at least 50 years. This knowledge has flowed through to, and been applied by, the sporting fraternity, with coaches and others always looking for ways to improve the performance of their protégés.

Why Some Cynics Scoff

Some people scoff about the supposed benefits of compression leggings or tops. This is likely to be because they did not choose the right garment for them. The amount of compression each garment gives varies, and if it is not enough for your particular exercise or sports, you will not feel the benefits. The garments should provide enough pressure on your body to enhance and promote venous return.

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