Why Your Comfortable Clothing Needs to be Varied

Comfortable Yoga Clothes

Everyone loves to wear comfortable clothing these days and it is important to purchase the right kind of clothing for your lifestyle.

Mostly, clothes that are comfortable have quite a bit of stretch in them so that they do not restrict your movements, but often people pick loose styles for comfort as well. The trouble is, loose clothing is not necessarily the right type of clothing for certain activities, even if it is comfortable.

For instance, if you are doing more than the most basic yoga, you will not want clothing that is too loose, as it can tangle you up and prevent movements that need to be executed quickly or smoothly. Loose clothing will simply follow gravity, so if you have to be upside down you may find the world goes dark as your shirt falls down around your face.

What You Need for Bikram Yoga

Bikram, or Hot Yoga as it is often called, is performed in a heated room to encourage sweating to detoxify. You will certainly need appropriate clothing for this, and cotton may not be the best choice. When cotton gets wet it drags against the skin, making the wearer feel uncomfortable. Stomptech athletic shorts are ideal for men who do this type of Yoga, who run, or who are into crossfit training.

While men can do without a shirt when they get hot, women can’t, so they will need something like the plain Stompflex crop top and may want to put on a Sports Y-Strap singlet or a light T or Boyfriend singlet over the top until they start their regime. For bottoms, Yoga shorts or fitted shorts will provide comfort and stretch.

Consider What You are Comfortable Showing

For a woman, what you wear will depend on your figure and comfort levels. If you have a fuller figure, it is going to show during some of those exercises. If you don’t mind, fine. But if you do, wear a top that is not too loose or gaping at the neckline. This is why closer fitting tops with a good amount of stretch are often chosen over the looser styles.

Many women also feel more comfortable in leggings or compression pants than shorts with loose fitting legs that tend fall down or gape during certain positions.

Of course, if you are into running this will not be a problem, and you would probably find loose legs comfortable. That said, some women tend to find that they drag a bit with movement and cause chafing.

So the comfy clothing you choose for heavy exercising will need to be different from what you choose for lighter exercise or to relax around the home.

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