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Travel Packing Hacks

There is an art to packing a suitcase to ensure you make the most of the space you have. What type of packer are you? Do you meticulously pack everything in its place or do you put things off to the last minute, throw it all in and hope for the best. If you are the latter then here are some travel packing hacks that will have your suitcase organised in no time and you will have gained more room than you thought possible.

Packing cubes

If you havent heard of these then you must go out and purchase these right now! These are the ultimate in having a well packed suitcase. These handy soft cubes are a rectangular shape with a zipped mesh top. The design allows you to see what is inside without having to rifle through a suitcase. These cubes are stackable and you will be surprised how much actually fits in each. Your clothing can be organised - keeping dresses, pants, gym gear and underwear in separate easily accessible compartments.


Dry Sacks

Dry sacks are a similar concept to the packing cube. Dry sacks are actually tubes that convert into a carry bag and come in various sizes. The main purpose of a dry sack is to keep valuables dry. Especially handy for trekking or being exposed to the elements. The tubes are designed to be water resistant and a great storage bag for expensive camera equipment, phones, wallets and passports. They are also useful as a shopping bag, dirty laundry bag, beach bag or storage of wet clothes. You can also use these (like packing cubes) to sort types of clothes into each.

Roll your clothes

If you dont have packing cubes then the next best thing is to roll your clothes. Its a well known travel hack that by rolling your clothes creates more space in your suitcase and will keep your clothes relatively wrinkle free.

Running out of room

So you have packed all your essentials and still need some more room. Or whilst you have been on your trip you have made quite a few purchases that are now taking up room in your case. You will need to use every available space in your suitcase and one little trick is to pack items into your shoes. You may be surprised what you can fit into your shoes when your space is being stretched to the limits.

So you are all packed?

Ok so you are all packed and you have used every available space in your suitcase. Well done! Now take your suitcase for a test run down the Street and go up and down some stairs - this will give you an idea how heavy that case is going to be when lugging it around. Once you have returned home from that exercise, open your suitcase and take out half of what you packed and re-pack the essentials only. Its very easy to over pack a suitcase with things you might need. You will want to leave some room for purchases and of course adhere to the airline weight limit.

Hopefully these five tips will have made your packing for that trip away a lot more organised. Do you have any travel packing tips to share?

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