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Geelong locals physically active on a regular basis - activities include improved weight management and the prevention of lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

With these well established benefits in mind it should be no surprise that more of us are looking to get fit, either in a gym environment or in the beautiful Eastern Gardens on Geelong’s waterfront.

Regardless of where you chose to workout, most fitness enthusiasts would agree that having the right gym clothes can make all the difference. Purpose-made athletic wear looks great and offers many advantages to just training in an old cotton t-shirt and track pants. Most notably, they are lightweight and offer superior comfort due to high tech materials that provide improved breathability and moisture wicking technology.

All of these features will ensure that you can workout in comfort and look great at the same time.

Choosing the right gym clothes

Looking for the right workout clothes among the wide selection on offer can become overwhelming for some. To make this process easier, we recommend that you visit a retailer that offers a wide range of clothing from which to choose.

Important factors to consider include: 

  • Purpose: It’s important to ensure that the clothing you purchase is made specifically for your chosen activity. For example if you are a runner be sure to look for light weight materials, which wick sweat and offer good breathability. Some products also incorporate compression technology, which may aid muscular recovery after a long run. In regard to materials, synthetic fabrics are often a better choice than cotton as they are designed to shed moisture and keep you as dry as possible. 
  • Design: Gym clothes have come a long way from those of days gone by. Today they offer functional, yet highly fashionable, designs that will ensure you look your best whether working out at the gym or running in the city and suburbs. 
  • Choice of colours: Most manufacturers offer a range of fantastic on trend designs in a variety of colours. For those who are working out late in the day in the great outdoors it is preferable to choose brighter colours over darker tones. Some popular brands even offer purpose-made clothes that incorporate reflective panels that will ensure you are visible at all times. 
  • Price: If you are serious about your exercise, you are going to need a few sets of gym clothes to get you through the week. Be sure to shop around as price can vary greatly and quickly add up when purchasing multiple sets of workout gear. 

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