CrossFit: Geelong's Growing Fitness Focus

Crossfit Geelong Growing Fitness Focus

With 2015 now well under way, many of your, particularly our Geelong locals, are in the process of following through on their New Year’s resolution to get fit and losing a few kilos. One way in which an increasing number of people are achieving this is by turning to CrossFit, which has quickly become one of the biggest workout trends in the fitness industry both in Australia and abroad.

A typical CrossFit workout

Taking part in a CrossFit workout is certainly no walk in the park. A typical training session involving a combination of Olympic style weightlifting, high intensity cardiovascular training and functional exercises.

Each participant attending a CrossFit Box (the name given to a CrossFit gym) completes the CrossFit prescribed workout of the day (WOD), which can be scaled in loading and intensity to be suitable for participants of various fitness levels. WODs are designed by the CrossFit head honchos in the United States, and are created to provide a challenge to participants of all fitness levels.

Staying safe when participating in CrossFit

The intense nature of CrossFit workouts has led some fitness experts raising concerns about the risk of injury associated with the sport. Many of have suggested that the competitive nature of workouts and the time pressure can often result in participants completing exercises with poor technique placing them at significantly increased risk of injuries.

There have also been a number of cases worldwide of participants suffering from rhabdomyolysis, which is a serious medical condition that results in catastrophic muscle breakdown, after completing CrossFit workouts. It is strongly associated with completing excessive training and can have disastrous effects on an individual’s health if not recognised immediately. For this reason, prior to beginning any new exercise program such as CrossFit it is advisable to have a medical checkup from your general practitioner to ensure it is safe for you to do so. In addition to this, it is important to ensure that you train at a reputable CrossFit Box with instructors who are trained to ensure participants are safe at all times when completing a workout.

Training at a CrossFit Box

Attending a CrossFit Box is rarely like going to your typical fitness centre. From the moment you enter it becomes clear that training at a CrossFit box is about getting seriously fit, so gone are the treadmills, exercise bikes, flat screen televisions, spas, saunas, and massage rooms.
Instead, you will often find a back-to-basics style gym that treats exercise as a competitive sport and places a focus more on camaraderie than the luxuries commonly found in commercial gyms.

CrossFit also emphasises the importance of nutrition, and promotes the consumption of mininimally processed foods rather than the typical highly-refined Western diet.
If you are looking at getting in great shape this year, CrossFit could be the answer you have been looking for. And for clothing suitable for CrossFit, you need look no further than our range here at Stomp.

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