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Economy class on a long haul flight is something that tests even the seasoned traveler. Being sleep deprived, cramped and generally uncomfortable is often thought of as a given on a long haul flight but there are some things you can do to make that journey a little smoother. So if you are planning a trip to the other side of the world, then here are some great tips for long haul flights that may have you smiling once you finally step off that plane.

Wear comfortable clothes

Its essential that on long haul flights you wear comfortable clothes. Now you dont have to drag out that daggy old tracksuit but something that is comfortable, light weight and stretchy. Sport and leisure wear are ideal as you can be stylish and comfortable, giving you freedom of movement. Avoid wearing things like jeans and tight clothes around the waist. Layers are great too as planes can go from tropical temperatures to a freezing zone quite quickly.

Keep Hydrated

Being 35,000 feet in the air is very dehydrating, so keep up the water intake. One tip I recommend is, just prior to boarding (after security checks) purchase a bottle of water and have it refilled by the hostess during the flight. That way it will always be on hand when you need and less likely to spill. Avoid alcohol as it is not only dehydrating but it disturbs your sleep and prolongs jet lag.


Get a good nights sleep the night before you travel as sleeping upright on a plane may have you cat napping rather than deep sleeping. Invest in a neck pillow and an eye mask to help you get comfortable for sleep. Use the airline pillow for your lower back. Find those seats without passengers and get their pillows - the more the better. Always have a pair of socks handy as cold feet prevents you from sleeping.


 Have all your electronics charged prior to flying as some planes dont offer power points or USB slots. Noise cancelling headphones are great to block out background noise - look for ones that cancel out 85% and above. Pack your chargers in your cabin bag as you can charge your phone in transit lounges at the airport if your plane does not have charging facilities.


There are good seats and there are bad seats on planes, here are some to avoid. Seats that are located near the lavatory are often bumped into, leant against or a general congregational area for people waiting. The first three rows at the front of the plane will have you close to parents with babies and young children. Look for exit rows for extra leg room. For a little bit more elbow room and the possibility of spreading out request seats at the back of the plane. Take the risk that most people choose seats closer to the front exit and dont want to be last off the plane - so you may be lucky - if the plane is not full you could score an empty seat beside you.

Time Zones

Once on the plane get acquainted with your destinations time and change your watch accordingly. That way you will get your body and mind-set in sync with the local time. Once you have done this dont fall in to the trap of working out what time it is at your departure place - you want to leave that behind and get on with the present.

Article by: Wendy Kerby is a writer and blogger at Travel Drink Dine. A self confessed foodie and solo traveller who frequently travels all over the world in search of great places to eat and drink, along with travel tips and advice. To follow her culinary journey around the world head to

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