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Keeping fit while travelling

Keeping fit while travelling can sometimes be challenging due to time constraints if you are moving often from city to city or the lack of facilities available. Add into the mix that most of us tend to think of our holidays as a time to indulge in a little me timeand our usual routines may fly out the window when we are away.

So here are five simple things that you can do to keep up your fitness level whilst you are away on holidays.  

  1. Pack your gym gear  

You would be surprised how many people dont think to pack some gym clothes and a pair of sport shoes when they go on a trip. Simply packing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts gives you the option of hitting the gym or to go for a morning jog when inspiration hits. If you have packed your gym gear then you are more likely to exercise and keep fit during your trip. 

  1. Ditch the public transport 

Rather than taking a bus, taxi or train to get to your destination opt to walk or cycle instead. Not only will it keep you fit but walking from one tourist attraction to the next or just wandering around the local neighbourhood will have you noticing a lot more about your surroundings. Things that you would miss if you were on public transport.  

  1. Sign up for a fun run  

With many countries around the world offering fun runs at various times of the year, what better way to keep fit than by signing up for a fun run in a foreign land! Think New York, think Paris - think anywhere really. Whether its 5km or a full marathon there will always be a fun run on the calendar somewhere in the world. Joining a fun run is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals for a unique experience and who knows you might come home with a medal! 

  1. Hit the hotel gym  

If you are staying in a hotel then more than likely there will also be a gym. You dont even have to leave the building to pump some iron or hit the treadmill - its right there! So if you are partial to the full buffet breakfast that is often on offer, then hitting the gym first thing in the morning will help you burn up those extra intake of kilojoules. No excuses as you have packed your gym gear (see point one) and make it part of your holiday routine.  

  1. Use what youve got  

Take advantage of your surroundings. If gyms arent your thing then head outdoors. Swimming laps in the pool or if you are seaside a refreshing morning swim in the ocean will have you feeling invigorated for the rest of the day. Take advantage of the local park for an outdoor yoga session, a round of push-ups or sit-ups  and best of all it costs nothing.

Article by:  Wendy Kerby is a writer and blogger at Travel Drink Dine. A self confessed foodie and solo traveller who frequently travels all over the world in search of great places to eat and drink, along with travel tips and advice. To follow her culinary journey around the world head to


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