5 Tips To Becoming Less Self-Conscious In The Gym

It can be quite daunting attending the gym when we're at war with our bodies.  We don't like how our thighs look in lycra tights or how our singlets ride up to expose our flabby stomachs. It's ironic that the one place where we go to improve our bodies is the one place we dread showing our bodies! Remember these 5 tips next time you're feeling self-conscious at the gym:

  1. We're all thinking the same thing. As in, we're all worried about how others are perceiving us. If we're all doing it, no one is actually thinking about others! There's a fair chance the very things that are troubling you are not noticed by others. Remind yourself that you aren't alone in feeling self-conscious (except may be that guy doing the selfies in the squat rack...)
  2. Reframe it as motivation. You're going to the gym to feel stronger and healthier. Use that self-conscious feeling as a driver for change - let it motivate you to take action to feel good about yourself. Just remember, it's important to focus on FEELING healthier and stronger - not looking lean and skinny.  
  3. Avoid mirrors. When I'm feeling very self-conscious, I avoid the mirrors like the plague. It's not always easy but the very least I can do is not look at them. Gyms have harsh lighting and the reality is, we're a sweaty mess not looking our best. Keep your focus on the exercise you are doing or distract yourself with music.
  4. Go with a friend. Going to the gym (or doing any exercise for that matter) with a friend has numerous benefits. They motivate you, make the experience more enjoyable, and importantly, they can distract you from your self-conscious woes. Just make sure your friend actually motivates you and doesn't cause you to compare yourself to them too much - it can be hard going to a gym with a ripped energy bunny!
  5. Wear clothes you are comfortable in BUT also feel good in. Don't wear a crop top and tiny shorts if you're hating it. Don't wear daggy tracksuit pants and your old t-shirt with spaghetti sauce stains all down the front. Wear gym clothes that make you feel comfortable, but also make you feel a little sexy. New gym wear is a great motivator for exercise and finding the ones that make you feel good are great motivators for feeling more comfortable in the skin you're in.


Article by: Kate Toholka is a Holistic Health & Life Coach, Occupational Therapist, and #1 Amazon best selling author. As the creator of The Happiness Hub, Kate empowers ambitious small business creatives to connect, collaborate and become resilient in all areas of their health and life. Big on self- love, empowerment and confidence, you can catch Kate blogging regularly over at katetoholka.com

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