Paris in Spring

Visiting Paris in the spring time

 “Paris is always a good idea”, those immortal words spoken by Audrey Hepburn couldn’t be more truer, trust me! Visiting Paris in the springtime is a beautiful time to be in Paris, why many a book, song or movie have celebrated Paris in the springtime. When the spring arrives, Paris lifts it’s wintery gloom and there are bursts of colour all over the city. The gardens throughout Paris are in full glory, the weather becomes milder and there is a general positivity in the air with the new season. Here is why you should visit Paris during the spring time.

Vieux Paris D’Arcole Photo by Chris Waits via Flickr.

Vieux Paris D’Arcole Photo by Chris Waits via Flickr.

 Why visit Paris during the spring? 

  • The tourist season has not yet gotten into full swing. Tourist spots are a little quieter than the summer season, affording you less time spent waiting in queues or overcrowding. 
  • As mentioned before the gardens of Paris are in full glory, with pretty spring blossoms blanketing the city. Visit the gardens such as Jardin du Luxemberg, Jardin des Tuileries or further a field the gardens at the Palace of Versailles or Monet’s garden. These gardens are at their best during springtime. 
  • Spring time offers the chance to find yourself a lovely place to sit and soak up that Parisienne style. Head to the nearest patisserie, grab yourself some baked goods, cheese and a bottle of wine and have yourself a very French picnic in the park. 
  • Outdoor eating becomes more popular as the weather thaws. People watching whilst having lunch or dinner is a wonderful French pastime and you will see this on every cafe corner. Don’t miss having a dinner in St Germaine - a lovely up market area for alfresco dining. Or during the day visit a wonderful wisteria entwined cafe near the Notre Dame, called the Vieux Paris d’Arcole, such a lovely spot to capture an iconic photo of Paris in this spring gem. 
  • Sit under the beautiful blossom trees near the Notre Dame Cathedral, read a book or just admire the scenery. 
  • Grab an icecream or try one of Paris’ famous crepes found street side and sit by the Eiffel Tower. 
  • Wander about Montmartre, the former bohemian quatre where artists, writers and singers once flocked. The area has a wonderful charm that still captures a lovely atmosphere of Paris. 
  • There are a number of events and festivals on in the spring, catch a game at the French Open, run the Paris Marathon, Versailles jazz festival or enjoy a family day at the Foire du Trone fair. 

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