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Regular high-intensity exercise can slow the ageing of the body's cells by nearly 10 years, according to a US study.

Research from Brigham Young University (BMU), published in medical journal Preventive Medicine, found people who consistently did high levels of activity had significantly longer telomeres - a protein that protects chromosomes from deterioration - than those who were sedentary and even of those who were moderately active.

The older a person gets, the shorter telomeres become.

But exercise science professor Larry Tucker says a person's chronological age does not always reflect their biological age.

"We all know people that seem younger than their actual age. The more physically active we are, the less biological ageing takes place in our bodies," he said.

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Researchers at BMU, led by Professor Tucker, analysed data from nearly 6000 adults who took part in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

The survey included telomere length values for study subjects.

The analysis showed the shortest telomeres belonged to those who led a sedentary lifestyle.

There was also no significant difference in telomere length between those with low or moderate physical activity and the sedentary people.

Adults who did at least 30 minutes of jogging a day, five days a week, had the longest telomeres, giving them a biological ageing advantage of nine years, the research estimated.

"If you want to see a real difference in slowing your biological ageing, it appears that a little exercise won't cut it," Prof Tucker said.

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Although the exact mechanism for how exercise preserves telomeres is unknown, it is thought it might be tied to inflammation and oxidative stress - the body's inability to counteract the production of damaging free radical molecules.

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Exercises reduce chances of cancer

The New Reasons To Exercise (series)


To better understand the role of fitness in cancer prevention, researchers at the National Cancer Institute analysed data from 1.4 million people who reported their physical-activity levels over a period of 11 years.  People who were more active had a 20% lower risk of certain serious cancers, including cancer of the esophagus, lung, kidney, stomach and endometrium, according to a study published in May.  This builds on earlier research showing that exercise can significantly reduce the risk of colorectal and other cancers.

   By Alexandra Sifferlin (sourced from Time Magazine 29th Aug 16

Exercise and reduce chance of cancer

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Exercise after work, and eat less!

The New Reasons To Exercise (series)


Exercise may be the key to keeping your appetite in check.   A study published in April found that people who exercised for 15 minutes after doing mental work – like work we all do at the office each day – ate 100 fewer calories than people who did mental work and then remained sedentary.  “Exercise has the ability to increase available fuel sources in the body that may signal to the brain, ‘Here is the energy source I need.  I don’t need to replenish it through food,’ says study author William H. Neumeier of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

   By Alexandra Sifferlin (sourced from Time Magazine 29th Aug 16)

Exercise and eat less

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Exercise and not as likely to be depressed

The New Reasons To Exercise (series)


Working out regularly might prevent depression, not just assuage it, according to a study published in February 2015.  Researchers looked at 10 years’ worth of data and found that women who were meeting the current guidelines for exercise – 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise – reported about 50% fewer depressive symptoms than women who didn’t exercise as much.  And the more the women reported exercising the less likely they were to have signs of depression.

   By Alexandra Sifferlin (sourced from Time Magazine 29th Aug 16)

Exercise leads to less depression


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Exercise and increase your energy

The New Reasons To Exercise (series)


In a report published in June men who cycled for 20 minutes experienced a 166% increase in self-reported energy levels, compared with a 15% increase when they sat and did nothing for the same amount of time.  The study size was small, but it’s not the first to suggest exercise as a drug-free way to alleviate symptoms of fatigue.  “If people need a reason to work out, the energy boost is a worthwhile one,” says study author Patrick J. O’Connor of the department of kinesiology at the University of Georgia.

   By Alexandra Sifferlin (sourced from Time Magazine 29th Aug 16)

Exercise for more output

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Exercise and improve your mind

The New Reasons To Exercise (series)


For more than a decade, researchers have connected exercise to better brain health over time.  But a new study found that just a single session of exercise can improve memory retention in the hours that follow.  The report, published in the journal Current Biology, suggests that exercising four hours after learning a task can help people remember that task over the long term.  Experts speculate that exercise triggers the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that lead to the creation of certain proteins that encourage memory retention.

   By Alexandra Sifferlin (sourced from Time Magazine 29th Aug 16)

exercise and improve your mind


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Exercise mind body benefits

The New Reasons To Exercise (series)


A survey published in June of more than 500 respondents who practice yoga found that while people initially tried it for exercise and stress relief, most say their reason for practising changed as they continued.  For 37% of yogis, spirituality became their primary reason for keeping up their practice.  “I think because yoga is such a mind-body practice, people find themselves being more relaxed and more mindful,” says study author Crystal L. Park of the University of Connecticut.  “They start going back for those things.  It’s clearly something people deeply resonate with.”

   By Alexandra Sifferlin (sourced from Time Magazine 29th Aug 16)

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Paris in Spring

Visiting Paris in the spring time

 “Paris is always a good idea”, those immortal words spoken by Audrey Hepburn couldn’t be more truer, trust me! Visiting Paris in the springtime is a beautiful time to be in Paris, why many a book, song or movie have celebrated Paris in the springtime. When the spring arrives, Paris lifts it’s wintery gloom and there are bursts of colour all over the city. The gardens throughout Paris are in full glory, the weather becomes milder and there is a general positivity in the air with the new season. Here is why you should visit Paris during the spring time.

Vieux Paris D’Arcole Photo by Chris Waits via Flickr.

Vieux Paris D’Arcole Photo by Chris Waits via Flickr.

 Why visit Paris during the spring? 

  • The tourist season has not yet gotten into full swing. Tourist spots are a little quieter than the summer season, affording you less time spent waiting in queues or overcrowding. 
  • As mentioned before the gardens of Paris are in full glory, with pretty spring blossoms blanketing the city. Visit the gardens such as Jardin du Luxemberg, Jardin des Tuileries or further a field the gardens at the Palace of Versailles or Monet’s garden. These gardens are at their best during springtime. 
  • Spring time offers the chance to find yourself a lovely place to sit and soak up that Parisienne style. Head to the nearest patisserie, grab yourself some baked goods, cheese and a bottle of wine and have yourself a very French picnic in the park. 
  • Outdoor eating becomes more popular as the weather thaws. People watching whilst having lunch or dinner is a wonderful French pastime and you will see this on every cafe corner. Don’t miss having a dinner in St Germaine - a lovely up market area for alfresco dining. Or during the day visit a wonderful wisteria entwined cafe near the Notre Dame, called the Vieux Paris d’Arcole, such a lovely spot to capture an iconic photo of Paris in this spring gem. 
  • Sit under the beautiful blossom trees near the Notre Dame Cathedral, read a book or just admire the scenery. 
  • Grab an icecream or try one of Paris’ famous crepes found street side and sit by the Eiffel Tower. 
  • Wander about Montmartre, the former bohemian quatre where artists, writers and singers once flocked. The area has a wonderful charm that still captures a lovely atmosphere of Paris. 
  • There are a number of events and festivals on in the spring, catch a game at the French Open, run the Paris Marathon, Versailles jazz festival or enjoy a family day at the Foire du Trone fair. 

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9 of the most Picturesque Beaches in Europe.

Euro Beach with Stomp Apparel 

Europe and in particular the Mediterranean have some stunningly beautiful beaches but with those comes the hordes of tourists - think St Tropez. Heres 10 spectacular beaches in Europe that youll want to put on your bucket list now! The serenity is just a boat ride away for many of these beach locations and are more likely to be frequented by the locals. If your a tourist and are willing to venture a little further afield then you may just find a small beach to yourself. 

  1. Cala Mariolu, Sardinia

 There is no disputing that Sardinia has some incredible beaches and Cala Mariolu is no exception. A beautiful 60 metre stretch of beach that is accessed best by boat but if you are fit enough hiking the 6kms to the beach is well worth it for the sight of the beach is stunning. The Cala Mariolu beach has divine crystal blue waters, whilst the beach itself is covered in smooth little pebbles. The little cove is embraced by limestone cliffs making have a protected feel.

  1. Rabbit Beach, Sicily

No the name Rabbit Beach doesnt refer to being overrun with rabbits, its named after the island itself. In fact the island is called Isola de Conigli but is just known as the rabbit beach. You are far more likely to find turtles in this location than rabbits! Rabbit Island is a remote island south of Sicily. The beach itself boasts soft sand, crystal clear waters and with prettiest aquamarine hues. This beach was voted the best beach in the world in 2013 by trip advisor. 

  1. Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Zlatni Rat Beach is located about 2 km away from the town of Bol on the island of Brac. The spit extends out into the sea with beaches either side. Locals flock to this beach for the crystal clear water and to work on the tan away from regular tourist beaches. Its also set beside a pine grove, so those looking for a bit of shade, can find refuge under the pine trees. 

  1. Calo Des Moro, Spain

Calo Des Moro beach is located in the South east part of Mallorca. The beach itself is a mere 20 meters wide and 30 meters long and is not easy to find and thus is mainly frequented by locals. The beach has those beautiful crystal blue waters and is protected by high cliffs either side. 

  1. Nissi Beach, Cyprus (photo attached)

Nissi Beach also boasts beautiful clean waters and a nice sandy beach. Nissi was in fact awarded the blue flag beach designation for excellence. Nissi beach is part of the resort of Ayia Napa. It can get quite busy in summer with DJs and entertainment on the beach, but if you visit during the off season, you might have this paradise almost to yourself. 

  1. Navagio Beach, Zakynthas, Greece

 One of the most photographed beaches within the Cyclades is Navagio Beach. The setting is magical, with beautiful iridescent blue waters, a pristine sandy beach, a shipwreck on the shore and the impossible white walled cliffs enveloping the little cove.  Tourists come in for the day via boats to explore and relax on the beach. If you arent on a tight schedule then this is one place to put on the itinerary on a visit to the Greek Islands. 

  1. Notre Dame Beach, Porquerolles, France

Frances beaches are overrun with hordes of people all jostling for a bit of sand on the beach. Steal yourself away from the crazy crowds along the French Riviera with a 20 minute boat ride to the secluded island of Porquerolles. It has beautiful petite beaches that is unspoilt by urbanisation. Porquerolles is protected from development due to its national park status. The Notre dame beach is peaceful and serene. 

  1. Ksamil Beach, Albania

Having the same coastline as its popular neighbours, Montenegro and Croatia, you will find Ksamil in Albania a welcome retreat. With beautiful calm turquoise waters and yet to be overrun with tourists. Its not about finding a spot on the sand, youll have your own secluded slice of paradise. Well that is until the rest of the world catches on here. 

  1. Kaputas Beach, Turkey

Kaputas is located about 20 km from Kas and is accessed from a long steep set of stairs from the highway. Yet to be spoilt by mass tourism, this little gorge with a small sandy beach is as simple as it gets. There are no facilities so come prepared with everything you need for this little gem.

Article by: Wendy Kerby is a writer and blogger at Travel Drink Dine. A self confessed foodie and solo traveller who frequently travels all over the world in search of great places to eat and drink, along with travel tips and advice. To follow her culinary journey around the world head to

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